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Heavens, where do I begin? I have read several of DBF’s books in the past and loved them all, Plantation being my favorite. They are always filled with love, laughter, heartbreak, quirky characters and lots of southern food. This one, however is an unmitigated disaster of the first degree and leaves me wondering if the author phoned this one in.


Basic plot run down – Beth Hayes has just finished college and she’s roped into minding the family home on Sullivan’s Island as her mother’s taking a year to work in Paris, and the aunt is moving to California. Beth is none too pleased to be stuck in the back of nowhere, but she eventually bucks up and makes the most of it, especially when she meets the older and oh-so-handsome developer Max Mitchell and she’s madly in love Just Like That. Or will quiet investment banker Woody be the man to make her dreams come true?

Actually, there’s a bit more to it than that, but you will figure it all out just fine by yourself. You’ll know who’s the cad and what he’s up to lickety split (so why Beth didn’t notice…). You’ll know who Mr. Right is from the get-go, although you will be scratching your head wondering why such a smart man doesn’t spot a scam when it’s staring him in the face. And yes, despite the incredibly stupid pickle Beth gets herself into you’ll see that Perfectly Pat Bacon Saving ending coming a mile away. No need to worry about our oh-so immature and whiny heroine (really, she acts and talks like a fifteen year old) getting her just desserts and learning a valuable lesson in life. No indeedy.

As for the author’s attempts at humor? Everyone of them falls flat as a pancake, and most especially the big ending to the big date wherein our intrepid heroine proceeds to barf (yes, I said barf) all over her man’s shirt before the big kiss. Eewww. With such a unlikeable TSTL heroine, insipid dialogue, shallow characters as well as none of the quirky humor that DBF is known for, I really can’t recommend this for even her die-hard fans. Give it a miss, and this is where my copy’s going next,


I know that Mr. FTC man is going to be terribly worried over my book source – Amazon Vine.


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