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Lol! This is a keeper, details here. Monitor warning, finish your beverage and snack before venturing there and unless you don’t want the boss catching you laughing your a## off I suggest to wait until you are home 🙂


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The grass is definitely greener over here at Word Press, especially for the blogger challenged (that would be me). A recent commenter had asked for a back list of older posts, so there’s an archive function to look them up, as well as genre categories. Let us know if you’d like to see anything else, and remember – feel free to submit your latest *corker* to ShelfofShame@gmail.com  and save the rest of us  🙂

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Read a corker lately? Want to save the rest of us from experiencing the actual physical pain you felt whilst reading it?

Well now you can and without worry of an author or publisher burning down your house.

Simply write your review (be sure to include excerpts and specific examples!), email it to us (ShelfofShame@gmail.com) and we will post your review anonymously.

Don’t be afraid…..Cut loose and tell us what you really think!

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